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Life's experiences often leave us feeling out of control, extremely down or hopeless.  Mitzi offers empathy, training and evidence-based skills and practices to help you reverse that downward spiral. Mitzi will help you grow, heal and improve in the areas of emotional and mental health. She uses evidence-based assessments and practices to help you grow and heal in areas that need light.  

A Good Faith Estimate is available upon request once a consultation has been made for clients who are uninsured or self-pay.  For clients who have insurance, I can often provide an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses after necessary information is provided by the client.  Contact me for information about insurances that are accepted.


Group Counseling on a variety of topics is offered on occasion — call for current offerings


Mitzi offers premarital/marital counseling, in which she aims to capitalize on areas of strength and help strengthen the areas in need of growth in your relationship. Mitzi uses an evidence based assessment to measure where those strength and growth areas lie across many domains that have been shown to be problematic in intimate relationships.  Mitzi uses the results of this assessment and a workbook based toolkit to help build skills in the growth areas while capitalizing on existing strengths in the couple.


Marriage, dating and soon-to-be's, sometimes come with expectations and family of origin norms that are very different from one another.  This often leads to conflict and dissatisfaction over time in the relationship. Mitzi will teach & show you how to walk hand in hand through these very important life issues and help you develop relationship skills that will help you be successful.  Mitzi has completed Levels 1 and 2 of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy that is based on more research and evidence than any other couples counseling method in existence.  Mitzi integrates the Gottman method and assessment practices into marital therapy often.

*Important Information*

The Well Therapy uses primarily Christian cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based theoretical orientations, depending upon the client.  Mitzi provides individualized treatment options to meet each client's needs and draws upon her years of formal education as well as decades of life & counseling experience. Her aim is to help guide clients to new perspectives, hope, help and healing for whatever difficulties they bring into counseling. Between sessions, assignments are often given to increase insight, awareness, and allow for practicing skills taught in sessions.  **A typical session is 45-50 minutes.** The Well Therapy welcomes you!

For those who do not have an accepted insurance plan, a Good Faith Estimate of expected monthly expenses is available upon completion of intake documents and scheduling an appointment.  Estimates are discussed during the initial phone consultation.

We accept many insurances, for details please contact Mitzi Brown - The Well Therapy at: (912) 420-4128

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