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Welcome To The Well.

Where Faith, Hope & Healing Meet.


Mitzi Brown

Mitzi is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH19437) in Florida and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia (LPC014665). Mitzi offers telehealth services to clients in Florida and Georgia.  Mitzi earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology...

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Our Services


Life's experiences often leave us feeling out of control, extremely down or hopeless.  Mitzi offers empathy, training and evidence-based skills and practices to help you reverse that downward spiral. Reach out today.


For some people, group therapy might be a more cost-effective and viable form of receiving treatment.  The dynamic of group therapy provides the knowledge that you truly are not alone, and the guidance of a skilled therapist facilitating the process.


Marriage, dating and soon-to-be's, sometimes come with expectations and family of origin norms that are very different.  This often leads to conflict and dissatisfaction. Mitzi will teach & show you how to walk hand in hand through these very important life issues and help you develop relationship skills that will help you be successful.



“The most amazing therapy I've ever had!  Mitzi is amazing, faith based, knowledgeable, compassionate, the whole package!!!” 

~~ C.M., client

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