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Anchored – Guarding Against Drift

By Mitzi Brown, The Well Therapy, August 26, 2019

Most have an idea what being anchored means – some synonyms include: being secured, fixed, docked, or fastened. Being anchored connotes a sense of safety. Mostly we hear the term used in boating, but it has many analogies to life. #anchored #life

Successful anchoring in boating means that the wind and water currents will not have an effect on the vessel's positioning. Being successfully anchored means that the vessel’s occupants can sleep safely and soundly and wake up in the same spot they expect to. Being unsoundly anchored can often yield catastrophic results. #anchorforsafety

So, it is with life. A wise person will carefully choose to whom, where and what they are anchored, taking into account the weather conditions, tides, and currents of life. Nobody walks through this life without encountering a few storms – and maybe even a hurricane. #storms

Whom- First, choose to anchor to someone immovable and unchangeable. Why would anyone choose to throw out an anchor and neglect to be sure it set in something that will hold? Storms pull up poorly placed anchors. When a storm of life strikes, the anchorage point needs to hold firm. People change. Life moves at a break-neck pace. Customs and what are considered normal or acceptable waxes, wanes, and inevitably deteriorates over time. So, if our hope is anchored in the any of these, we are destined for confusion and drifting. Being anchored in God who is everlasting and unchangeable is the only secure place to set anchor.

Where- Second, knowing the place we choose to anchor is essential – it cannot be left to guess work. Who among us would set out to sea without studying the maps, currents and weather first? Be intentional about where you anchor. Throwing an anchor out into sand or mud might prove foolish when the tides change or the wind shifts – and they will. A rough storm would certainly challenge one who is anchored in anything less than a solid foundation. Just as we could not know for certain the tidal conditions, weather forecast, or condition of the bottom surface without studying, we cannot know what God’s Word – the Truth – says without studying it. Being intentional is the only way to accomplish that.

What - Third, any seasoned sailor will tell you that different types of anchors can suit a variety of circumstances. A good sailor intentionally chooses the anchor that is needed for the circumstances he or she is in. He may even choose to use more than one anchor given the circumstances. Studying and learning independently, in groups, and from experts in biblical truth are solid anchors for guarding against drifting. And let’s be clear. We are all prone to drift, so the more anchors, the better.

Who, where and what have you chosen to be anchored in? Husband, wife, work, money, children, home? Those all have the potential and proclivity to change and leave you hanging – drifting. Get anchored. #GetAnchored

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